Ask the Magic 8 Ball

We all need reassurance at some point in our lives. Whether we need someone to talk to or our minds putting at ease, we are going to need something that will give us an answer and make us feel a lot better. Magic 8 balls are an excellent way to do this.

As the 8 ball any question whatsoever; as long as it’s a yes or no answer the 8 ball will give you the answer. You will be mystified by its foresight and ability to predict the future but, more importantly, you will feel much better knowing the answer to your problems.

They also make great gifts and stocking fillers. There is nothing better for a child than getting one and asking it a whole array of questions. They will be awestruck by its ability to give them an answer and they will soon be the envy of all their friends for possessing such an item.

It isn’t perfect; sometimes the 8 ball is unable to find an answer if it doesn’t hear it, or will give the wrong answer through a bit of loss of communication, but this will merely cause much more fun as the teasing begins.

One thing is for sure; buying a magic 8 ball will cause hours of amusement and will be something that never grows old. Use them as an alternative stress ball and ask it the question instead of physically taking out your anger; you will feel a lot better when you know the answer!

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Peter Solomon

Hi, I'm Peter and I'm fascinated with the Magic 8 Ball toy and have been for years. I hope you enjoy visiting my site about Magic 8 Balls.