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Even though the world is rapidly developing, there are some thoughts and beliefs that still need to change. In India especially, marriages are mainly broken by family elders and boys and girls have almost no black magic spell and black magic love back specialist in Singapore.

The idea of ​​a love marriage was not welcomed and glanced at with suspicious intent.

Marriage today is still governed by factors such as caste, creed, social status and materialistic possessions. Some sections of society accept it graciously when the family belongs to the same caste and shares the same status in society. If you find true love in your life and fear that your family will not accept your relationship, contact our Love Marriage Issues Specialist and black magic specialist in South Africa. She will provide an effective solution so that the family agrees to a love marriage.

Guru Mata Ji is a Specialist in Love Marriage Issues and also has deep knowledge in horoscope predictions and astrology. She uses her knowledge to help couples find a suitable match and also create favorable conditions for their love marriage. Spanish black magic specialist Through the astrological power of Guru Mata Ji changes the negative thoughts and actions of those who oppose the decision. This technique is completely safe, effective and has no ill effects.

Guru Mata Ji also uses astrology readings and findings to solve this problem. Expert studies partner planetary body positions at birth and then makes comparisons to draw patterns in future partners’ lives, Our Love Marriage Issues Specialist, Guru Mata Ji also highlights how this new relationship will affect the partner’s family, health, financial condition, work, career and many more things.

Problems in a love marriage will surely come.

It is the couple’s decision to give in to family pressure or give their relationship a fair chance. When you decide to take help from a well-known Love Marriage Problem Specialist there is a high chance that your problem will be resolved and you will find the love of your life. black magic specialist in Switzerland We have been serving love marriage solutions services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, NSW, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, NSWSouth Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Canberra, Adelaid, New Castle, Darwin, Griffith, NSW Gold Castle, Wollongong, Hobart, Crains, Central Coast, Forster from many years.

8 Ball And Slots

If you want to get into the world of slot machines, then you must learn all about the game of eight ball and slots. This is not like other slot machines that you’ll see in casinos or arcades. In fact, this is something that is offered only at land-based casinos. It is a great game and something that is sure to be loved by those people who are into fun and excitement. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Eight ball is actually the name of the slot machine game itself. When you place your money inside and turn it over, you’ll find that there are two small balls on the ends of the track. They move up and down as they hit the spaces on the reels. If you hit them in the right area, you win a prize. If you hit them in the wrong area, then you lose your bet.

This game is a favorite in casinos.

It is so much fun to play, that gamblers play it many hours a day. You can usually find it during the middle and late part of the afternoon, near the back entrances to most casinos. It is sometimes played out in private alleys. There are even some places where it is sold in vending machines, to provide a quick source of cash when you are done with the game.

While this is a popular game at casinos, it has spread out from there to all kinds of locations. You can easily find it on the Internet. There are many websites that offer it as a game for playing in the comfort of your own home. Many sites offer different variations of the traditional game, and it is sometimes included for free with a subscription. Others require you to pay a small fee for getting the full game.

As you can see, playing 8 ball and slots has really expanded into many different areas. It is fun and addictive, and is comparable to playing many other casino games without any of the risk. The graphics are very nice, and the sound effects realistic. It is one of those games that has a familiar look and feel, but has also taken the ordinary elements to a new level.

If you are looking for a fun online game, then this is a great choice. The graphics are top notch, and the games play book of dead slot itself quite well. You don’t have to worry about people in the casino being bored by it, because it is set up so that you do not need anyone to be involved in the game to actually enjoy it. All that matters is that you sit back and relax with a good game of poker or something else.

Viking magic! Iolite earrings …

Iolite Earrings For a Touch of Viking Magic!

Dark and alluring earrings, Iolite can give you a mysterious look associated with the old shaman. Mystically, this is the main jewel of the 6th chakra and it is said that iolite aids in the astral journey and helps increase people’s psychic powers. It is thought to bring balance to the male and female energies. It is also believed to have extraordinary healing powers.

Historically, Iolite is one of the gems closely related to the Vikings.

It is believed that they took the iolite with them on a voyage and used it as a filter so they could see and the sun and check their position. The reason for this is that it is pleochroic, meaning that it is a different color from three different axes. Iolite is purple blue to purple, depending on which angle you are looking at it and is blue at 90 degrees from the sun. Hence its value as a navigation tool for those days. Blue like a sapphire on one side and as clear as water on the other and honey yellow when viewed in another way, is often described as “water sapphire”.

Today it is very affordable and easy to mine in Brazil, India, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. It is thought that the Vikings are thought to have mined them in Greenland and Norway, where they can still be found. It is a fairly hard gemstone but can be shaped like most gemstones. Because it is very durable and not very expensive, it is fast becoming a fashionable stone to wear.

Gaining popularity iolite earrings can add the finishing touch to your outfit and in some cases reflect your mood. The stones can be used alone or in combination with other gems. An oval or cube cut iolite surrounded by a distinct swirl of 14 ct white or yellow gold gives it an elegant look. For a simpler yet classic look, round or oval cut stones are set again in 14 ct white or yellow gold studs.

Viking Iolite Spheres for foresight and enhanced

Used with mauve, pink or pearl white as a centerpiece with iolite petals all set in sterling silver the effect is stunning. Small carat diamonds are often added to iolite earrings to have a sparkling white of diamond contrast with a deeper iolite color. But, as costume jewelery, iolite earrings can be set in sterling silver with a variety of looks such as drop and dangle earrings alone or rock out such as, but not limited to, amethyst, blue topaz, tourmaline pink or colored enamel. Settings can be Victorian and other antiques, dainty and elegant, bold and showy or just a simple classic setting.

Depending on the setting, other stones you can use and whether you are using 14 ct or 18 ct gold, the purchase price for iolite earrings can vary from under $ 10 to over $ 200. These stunning stones will look fantastic. as earrings set in whatever arrangement you choose to suit your style.

White Magic Spells – Their Casting Tips

White magic spells are magic formulas that help us get the good things in life. Be sure to consider the components that contribute to the success of your spell.

Magic spells are pitched formulas that are believed to create a certain magical effect after being cast. White magic spells are spells that are said to be good. Mantra can be either failure or success based on many things that affect its effectiveness. To cast this magic spell, below are some tips to follow to make your spell more effective.

Working With Phases of the Moon Spells work best on certain phases of the moon.

Most of the magic spells worked effectively when they were cast on a full moon due to all the current strongest magical power and energy; but there are also other mantras to be performed on other phases of the moon. Remember that there are four phases of the moon and each phase is said to last for seven days.

You might think that there is only one day when the moon is full, but actually, the full moon days are usually three; Although there is a day when the moon is at its fullest. During New Moon, magic spells that dispel ideal things to do. In the waxing moon phase, spells that allow you to earn things like grow your hair or make money will have the best success rate.

Finally, there is the Moon Fading phase when lost spells with ruins and damage are known to work best.

Select The Right Supplies Simple put, this means you have to use the correct ingredients for your magic spells. If you want to cast a love spell, you should use red candles instead of yellow or green. Green candles are for money spells. For added effectiveness, choose ingredients that are already enchanted. Be Mentally Prepared Focus and concentration are factors that also make the mantra effective.

You need to concentrate on the spell you are casting, on the emotions the spell is supposed to evoke and on your target. For example, if you cast a love spell, perform the spell with love instead of hatred in your heart. Be Experienced As your Practitioner the more experienced at casting spells, the more effective they will be. Experience can be achieved through practice.

Perform a mantra once a month and your spell tends to be effective.

Cast as many spells as you can, no matter how small or big they are, so you will be familiar with how magic feels. Don’t get frustrated if some of your spells don’t work at first. Over time, with constant practice, you can master this magic spell casting. Build Enough Magical Energy There are many rituals and spells that can help build your magical power and energy. Perform this ritual to gain experience and develop your magical energy. Trust Your Magic Power Your personal trust also affects the efficiency of your magic spells.

This means that you have to take spelling casting very seriously. You shouldn’t just play or play with your magic spells. Create the Right Mantra – mantra compatibility is of the utmost importance in any situation. You can cast spells on the right moon phase; You can have strong confidence that your spell will work; but if it doesn’t fit the goals and the situation, then it might just end in failure.

Make Millions by Magic Online

There’s no complex trick to earning CASH by magic online!

So you’ve learned and you’ve studied and you’ve mastered all the card tricks known to man. Great! You’re super-charged and READY for ACTION! …And now you’re looking at your pack of cards. Maybe you look out the window for a while…or at the mirror…

OK, believe us when we say that this is what us magicians do, for the most part. We apply every last shred of intellect and innovation into BECOMING a magician, it’s like when it comes to actually telling someone about it, well, think of an audience gazing at you, wondering how you did your last trick.

What we’ve come to realise here at is that a great deal of talented magicians out there just can’t SELL themselves. It’s pretty tragic, really. So how can we make it clearer? – Magic makes MONEY, there’s no doubt about that. But try telling that to a roomful of struggling magicians without being laughed right out the door!

If there’s ANYTHING we’ve learned during our extensive research into this site, it’s that no matter whether you’re a career magician, a part-timer having fun with magic on the weekends, or even just someone with some cool tricks to sell, the only way you can be sure of doing that with any degree of success is to get your face known around town. And what’s the BEST way to do that?

You guessed it – By getting your Magic Online!

There’s no two ways about it. These days the Internet’s the BUSINESS when it comes to selling yourself. People buy their groceries online. They’ll buy anything. They’ll wait for their laptops to warm up to get their newspaper online rather than pop across the street. And they’ll auction the shirts off their back on ebay simply to make a fast buck. So if your question remains ‘will they buy magic online?’, what can we say other than:

You can bet your *** they will!

It’s like, card tricks and magic are one of the greatest forms of escape on this earth. Folks get themselves online looking for a means of escape. You know, like escape from work or a lack of information and so on. And magic? Well, magic provides light in otherwise dull lives. It re-ignites the wonder and the passion we sadly lost after childhood, and so the way you should be looking at this is that if people will flash the cash online for paperclips, you’re damn right they’ll do the same for MAGIC online!

Our advice to you therefore, is that you might want to try thinking outside the box. What use is a master of card tricks without an audience to dazzle? And having thought about this for quite some time now, we’re sure that yeah, it’s OK to sell your services and products in the Yellow Pages or by word of mouth and so on, but if you’re looking to save time and expense as well as make some really decent profit out of it, your first port of call should really be your own website.

But why are we so sure about that? Well, it’s because we think that if you did it right, if you built a SUPER-MAGIC online website advertising yourself to the world, in a heartbeat you could achieve far more than you could possibly imagine than by any other means. For a start, a whole load more people would automatically know that you’re out there selling, and when we’re talking about making money out of talent, it’s as simple as that to make your first step count!

But if you’re thinking now ‘OK, that’s all well and good but I haven’t got the first clue about magic online or computers or the Internet or HTML or Search Engine Submission or Direct Marketing Technique and so on and so forth’, all we can say in response is that hey, neither do we!

But we built our site ourselves…

To be honest, when it comes down to it we’re not that interested in all that kind of stuff, because we’d rather concentrate on having fun with magic. So we tracked down and totally abused this magic online tool, Site Build It! (, to get ourselves up and running in just a couple of weeks. That’s right – only a few weeks to scrape ALL of together! It really helped us get going hassle-free and dealt with absolutely everything techy we simply didn’t care about. So if you’re thinking about doing the same we’d recommend that you look at this first, since it’s got all you need under the same roof and at a fraction of the cost if you went elsewhere.

Feel free to compare it though. At the end of the day, what we’re saying is that a MAGIC online website will get you noticed. It’ll stamp your mark on the world stage if nothing else but only if you do it right. Go on. Have a look for yourself. There are bucketsful of magicians out there who’ve each set up their own website without really thinking about how to do it properly, and as a result, not surprisingly they’re nowhere to be seen in Search Engine Results for magic online (which pretty much means that they’d have been as well not doing it at all!).

So why waste your talent by disappearing like magic online?

How many times do we have to say it to get the message across? Effectively selling your magic online WILL increase your chances of success in the magic world. Effectively selling your magic online WILL help you profit from following your dream.

So please just think about it. Look around you. Our eyes were opened only recently to the fantastic opportunities the Net can lay before you, and it’s working wonders already for us. It was this guy Yanik Silver ( who came out of nowhere and introduced to us the concept that if you’re really into something in a BIG way, like card tricks and magic in our case, you can make a huge pile of cash from it quite easily. And the way Yanik does it, he builds a website for next to nothing as we did, and like us spends pretty much nothing advertising himself but still finds himself heaving bags of cash to the Bank every month.

Magic Ball


Since time immemorial this phrase has been the natural essence of human existence, even though many are not aware of it. All nature attests to this underlying principle. Fall leaves that fall; (And the helpless pearl) which is pitted against its very big water (which stands up) is a very great wind. their ivy, distant horizons, prostration before their creators and falling stars, all support the validity of this phrase. Their transcendental harmony stands high above our artificial means of communicating technique. But each spear to be turned back is according to the right of the Almighty and there is a difference between the mighty human soul and the beautiful objects of nature.

God’s Best Creation, humans have free rights and use artificial means to survive and seek their pleasure. Small natural objects, which lack the capacity for contemplation and thought have acquired all the essential wisdom that makes them bow their heads before their Creator to seek guidance and maintain communion with Him. Prayer is a way of connecting the Creator with the made. We humans remain unaware of the miracles of prayer and the content it offers.

The essence of prayer has been misunderstood by many of us. (It is not possible) or or very (for us a sign) which shows the evidences that show the omnipotence of Allah Almighty. Thus prayer is the acknowledgment of the fact by humans, endowed with selfish desires and abilities, that we are really just puppets and that in the final analysis everything comes from that heavenly power – Allah. It is resignation to His will and most significantly, prayer is a network system operated to express our desires.

The more we obey Him, the more He listens and speaks to us.

It’s like a magic ball that lies inside all of us and we ignore the power this ball holds. Undoubtedly, our heavenly master wants us to ask Him for the desires of the heart; he wants us to talk to him, and no problem or need is too trivial for him. But if we think of God as merely a deliveryman bringing us to fulfill our desires, we lose the spiritual closeness that comes from hearing Him, rather than just hoping, ‘He will fulfill our list of demands.’ Imagine a teenage girl on a cell phone.

She was probably shaking from some of the rumors, completely unaware that her conversation might be completely one-sided. Likewise, God doesn’t always want to be on the receiving end of a one-sided conversation with us. As much as we want to be heard, our Divine Teacher wants us to hear Him even more than that. It is a well-known fact in academia that makes more sense a student uses to learn new ideas, the higher percentage of concepts he or she will absorb.

During prayer, we have the opportunity to use hearing as well as speaking.

If we choose to use only one of these senses, we will short-transform ourselves. When we are silent, we can pay better attention to God’s instructions and can internalize the direction He gives us. Contemplative prayer is the key word given to the habit of praying in silence. You may be thinking: I usually keep quiet when I pray. Are you really? Do you maintain deep silence long enough to hear God speak to you?

Real Magic Spells That Work

Everyone wants to cast real magic spells that work, but not many people know the true secrets of real magic spells. Find out our top 3 tips for magical success in this article.

Real magic spells that work are hard to find, but before you even go out to find a spell that works there are a few things you need to know.

First, magic doesn’t just come from the spell itself. It mostly comes from within you, and from the energies and vibrations created by your intentions and desires. This mantra is just a tool to help you release your power into the universe so that it can do its job.

We are all full of magical powers.

There is energy in all of us, and in every other living and non-living being. There’s also energy in between, connecting us all together, making the planets move, the stars twisting and the wind blowing. This omnipresent energy is flexible, free flowing and extremely powerful, and it is this energy that you call upon and the channel to create your magic.

So, if you are looking for real magic spells, you must first look inside yourself. You have to find the strength within yourself. This is done by having a firm belief in yourself, your strength, the energy that surrounds us and binds us, and a firm belief that your magic will work and you will get the results you want. Since a lot of magic power comes from your will, intentions, and desires, you have to believe it works to keep those thoughts strong, and thus keep magic empowered.

Once you have everything ready in your heart and mind, you are ready to start looking for real magic spells. Whether the spell is real or not comes down to two key factors: first, the quality of the spell. Was it written by an experienced magician? Does it take into account all the necessary magic basics (such as color, grounding, visualization, elements, seasons and so on)?

Is it well written to help you reduce your feelings during casting?

The second thing that makes a spell real is how you cast it. If you don’t cast a spell of your full attention, full commitment and full faith, it will fail. If you quickly mumble through a spell without proper care and attention and the effort and concentration that can muster up the most of your spirits, it will fail.

To make real magic work, you have to throw yourself into the incantation ritual with all your heart, and follow the mantra chanting every word and performing every action with the full power of your faith behind it. Only then will you harness the real magic power within yourself, and then the spell will do its job of releasing that power and focusing it towards your goal.

The final point I’m going to mention is that you shouldn’t expect your magic to happen instantaneously. Be patient, be open to the results that happen in many ways – sometimes you’ll see small results for your spell, sometimes you’ll see big obvious changes. Real magic is a little unpredictable because there are so many factors that influence the outcome, so stay positive, stay optimistic, stay happy and keep your eyes peeled.

How to Cast Magic Spells

Cast magic spells are a great way to bring positive change to your life. Maybe you want to lose weight, find a new lover, earn some extra money or just stay healthy, safe and protected. Whatever your desire, learning how to cast magic spells can help you achieve it.

To cast magic spells is actually very simple once you understand some of the main principles of white magic you can follow. In this article I’m going to go over some basic ideas of magic spell casting to quickly introduce you to the subject so you know what to expect, and can start casting your own spells.

Grounding and centering

Before you start a mantra, you must prepare yourself for the large volume of power and energy that will travel through your body and in the air around you. You have to ground yourself so you can connect yourself to the Earth and all the energy and magic in it, and you have to sweat your spirits so that you are calm, focused, relaxed and ready to do some good magic.

Grounding and centering usually consists of a few short, simple exercises to relax your body and mind, and to connect yourself to the Earth giving you an anchor point to quickly return to reality if you get too carried away during spell casting.

Casting the circle

Next, you have to prepare a circle around you before you throw. In this process you invite the power of the four corners of the Earth, the power of the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether / Spirit), and the God, Goddess or other deities you wish to communicate. You also create a circle of protective energy around yourself that protects you from external forces and keeps your magic contained so that it can be properly directed.

Focus on you

The third rule of good spell casting is that you must focus your will on the results you want. Most of the magic from the spells you cast will come from within yourself, and from your mind and spirit. You have to concentrate clearly on your wants and goals, why you are casting the mantra and what you want to happen.

Visualize the result clearly and sharply in your head, and commit mentally to putting all your energy and effort into achieving that goal from this point forward. Your confidence in magic is proportional to the power you put into the spell and also proportional to the result. The more you believe, the better your magic will be and the better the results will be.

Perform rituals

Next comes the actual spell part. You will usually find a spell somewhere – a library, bookstore, or on the Internet somewhere. Mantra usually consists of short and simple rituals such as lighting candles, mixing oil and herbs in water, simple movements or arms and body, chanting mantras aloud and so on.
Mantra is a tool that opens the power within you and allows it to be unleashed towards your goal. Having the correct spell would mean that the greatest amount of power possible was released and the spell would be most effective. You must have the right tools for the job at hand.


When the spell is over, don’t just abandon the ideas and goals that you have committed to – now you have to continue the magic by holding these things in your head at all times and continue to focus on them. Each day, quickly run through a brief visualization of your intended result and imagine yourself happy, successful, loved and everything else you could ever want. Finally, with patience and practice, your magic will take effect and you will have everything you ever wanted!

Tarot Card Meanings: The Fool, the Emperor, the Magician, the High Priestess, and the Chariot

Tarot is an age-old form of divinatory magic that calls upon the powerful symbolism present in 22 “Major Arcana” cards and numerous “Minor Arcana” cards. While not all Tarot practitioners believe that reading of the cards reveals the true future by calling on supernatural forces, few would dare contest the symbolic and historical power each of the cards represents. For many, Tarot is more than divination; the reading of the cards, and understanding Tarot card meanings, for them, is a cathartic and deeply personal experience in which they open themselves, in uniquely vulnerable fashion, to a symbolic reading of their fate.

Tarot reading is not a simple art, and understanding the symbols present in Tarot cards is, for many, a lifelong study. All pursuits must begin somewhere, though, and understanding some of the most important icons of the Major Arcana is a great place to begin. With that in mind, here is a rudimentary understanding of the Fool, the Emperor, the Magician, the High Priestess, and the Chariot:

0 – The Fool

The Fool simultaneously represents the beginning and the end, being simultaneously the 0 card and the 22 card. In some systems of Tarot, the Fool is seen as belonging in between card 20 and 21 (Judgement and The World, respectively.)

Also known as “the beggar,” the images most frequently associated with the 0 Major Arcana are those of an old man in sackcloth or a jester in motley. Each one of these popular images has ties to the interpretation of the card itself. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Fool is historically tied to the Joker card in standard playing card decks, both in imagery and in its nebulous position within the deck.

When interpreting Tarot, the Fool often represents the main character of a story, the adventurer who sets out into the unknown. The Fool undertakes a “Fool’s Journey,” which many understand to be tied to Joseph Campbell’s “the Hero’s Journey.” The Fool, therefore, is a vital card in any reading.

IV – The Emperor

The Emperor is one of the most consistent cards in all Tarot decks with regard to imagery. Most decks depict the Emperor as a bearded king, clad in armor and wrapped in fine robes. He bears a scepter and a gilded crown, and he sits upon a simple, stone throne.

The imagery of the Emperor is stark and serious, representing power, dominance, stoicism, and strength. The card has been associated with mythological figures such as Zeus, Odin, and even the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic God.

Readings of the Emperor center around power, dominance, wisdom, and authority, though they also warn of stubbornness, conservativity, and lack of emotional connection.

I – The Magician

The primary Major Arcana, the Magician ties the spiritual and the physical together. Also sometimes known by the name “the Magus” or “the Juggler,” the Magician is most frequently depicted with one hand lifted upwards towards the sky and another hand pointing towards the earth.

While Tarot card meanings vary depending on the context of the reading, the Magician card has long been understood to represent the unknown. Mysteries, both natural and supernatural, are within the domain of the Magician, and they have mastery over the four elements. Because of the knowledge and power the Magician possesses, they are able to accomplish anything they strive to do.

The Magician, though powerful and capable of many things, is often also understood to warn of missed opportunities, squandered potential, and a careless, headstrong nature. With so much power at their fingertips, the Magician can sometimes symbolize taking small steps for granted in pursuit of great accomplishments.

VII – The Chariot

The Chariot is one of the most fascinating of the Major Arcana, in no small part because of its complicated history. While chariots are often associated with action, speed, and war, the Chariot tarot has traditionally been depicted as a symbol of restraint and self-control. In classic imagery, the Chariot depicts a warrior prince crowned with the laurels of victory, standing in a chariot pulled by two sphinxes. Instead of weapons, a driving whip, or the reins of the sphinxes in his hand, he holds the wand of the Magician, indicating his victories and forward momentum are mental or spiritual in nature.

In modern interpretations, the Chariot has been explored further and some no longer believe it to represent spiritual victory and movement alone. Some depictions, therefore, depict the Chariot in motion physically.

The Chariot, regardless of modern or traditional depiction, always represents decisiveness, confidence, and focus free of arrogance or presumption. The Chariot, therefore, represents being in-tune with oneself and the path of one’s ambitions.

II – The High Priestess

The High Priestess is one of the most controversial Tarot cards, historically speaking, because of its depiction of a woman wearing the trappings of the Catholic papacy. Many Tarot decks of yore were censored to change the image of the High Priestess or exclude the card entirely.

The High Priestess represents the feminine divine and is frequently depicted in front of a sanctuary veil surrounded by pomegranates, which represent both fertility and plenty. The High Priestess hearkens to the quiet parts of the human mind, the sacred secrets we keep, the laws we follow internally, and the inexplicable knowing of instinct.

Tarot historians have noted similarities between depictions of the High Priestess and legends about Pope Joan, a woman who rose through the ranks of the church all the way to Popehood while disguised as a man. According to the legend, she was only discovered to be a woman when she spontaneously gave birth to a child, having not known she was pregnant. In this way, the legend embodies many aspects of historical femininity and exhibits one of the most complex of all Tarot card meanings.

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of these vital Tarot cards, you’re ready to keep learning more. Tarot is remarkably complex and getting familiar with a few of the Major Arcana is truly only the beginning of the journey. Let the Fool guide you further into the world of Tarot!

Magic in the 21st Century: The World’s Best Illusionists

For many people, magic tricks and illusionist shows are associated with bygone eras and outdated performance venues. While 21st-century magicians don’t have as broad of an appeal as they did for much of the 20th-century, the audience of passionate viewers of magic shows is as vibrant and vivacious as ever, with an incredible amount of engagement from those who do delve into the wonders to be found on the live stage.

While magic shows are not as common in local theaters, performances in major venues regularly sell out, and street magicians are able to attract and delight just as many, if not more, fascinated onlookers as any other time in the last one hundred years.

The greats of 21st-century magic are some of the most daring and inventive performers to ever take the stage, following the traditions of those who immortalized the art of illusion decades before them.

In 2018, so many people are missing out on one of the most entertaining, enlightening, and mentally engaging types of live show available simply because the trappings of the art have fallen out of style. If anything, many people are now drawn to mobile phone and online entertainment in the form of videos, games, and gambling.

In truth, the coming year could prove to be one of the most exciting years of magic performances ever, especially if you’re aware of some of the best artists in the business:

Penn and Teller

Penn Jillette and Teller are one of the most iconic modern magic performance duos, most famous for performing regularly at their home venue, the Rio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Penn’s bombastic sense of humor and showmanship contrasts surprisingly well with Teller’s silent miming and faux-timidness.

This duo, however, isn’t just a set of excellent showmen; they are also two of the most innovative and influential performers on the modern magic scene.

penn and teller

Their most famous trick, the “magic bullet,” has yet to be decrypted or duplicated by any other performance group of magicians. It begins with Penn and Teller standing on opposite sides of the stage with a pane of glass between them.

An audience member is called to the stage to sign both the brass and the projectile of a bullet, inspect the stage, and then deliver the bullet to the other member of the duo who loads it into a gun. On the opposite side of the stage, one of the magicians (usually Penn,) stands with a helmet on his head while Teller takes aim.

The gun fires through the glass pane and Penn catches the bullet in his mouth, signature intact, separated from the casing on the other side of the stage, ejected from the gun.

The signed casing and the signed projectile have ended up on opposite sides of the stage without the two magicians ever having interacted during the act, and the pane of solid glass between them shattered completely.

Penn and Teller aren’t only recognized for their amazing act, though. They’ve also undertaken considerable efforts to seek out and support rising talent in the field of illusionism. Across multiple seasons of their “Fool Us” television series and multiple documentaries, the duo has traveled the world hoping to find and encourage young magicians.

Mac King

Another amazing Vegas performer, Mac King has been in the business since the early 80s, taking the Las Vegas magic scene by storm and making Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino famous for his shows.

His shows appeal to families, often involving tricks with pet goldfish and easily located household items. He often teaches minor magic tricks to kids that come to his show, and he is known for inventing a handful of easy-to-learn tricks that are difficult for onlookers to decipher.

Hailing from rural Kentucky, he themes his shows around back-country, rural imagery and campfire stories, with one of his books of magic tricks being titled Campfire Magic with the intent to provide kids with incredible tricks that can be performed with improvised materials at a moment’s notice.

Mac King

King is also known for being one of the most gregarious of the Vegas performers, spending time with his audience after every single show at Harrah’s. He is frequently mentioned by other magicians, including Penn and Teller, as a major influence and one of the most skilled illusionists on the strip.

One of his most famous tricks involves an iconic, cartoony raincoat that he uses to almost instantaneously disappear from the stage and appear behind the audience, entering from the main doors of the venue, often to the absolute awe of the crowd.

Magic is one of the most incredible and skilful performing arts ever invented, and it shouldn’t go under-appreciated simply because television networks no longer run magic shows on primetime.

There is a world of inspiring performances to discover, and I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t seen one of the Vegas masters of magic to do so as soon as possible. While nothing beats the live show, most major magicians have their shows online, and, even better, online in high-definition!

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