The Most Inventive Variation of the Magic 8-Ball

When Albert Carter created the original magic 8-ball in 1946 there was no way he could have known that it would stand the test of time and become a classic toy that millions of Americans have grown up with. While the 8-ball has remained a toy that has appealed mainly to children, there are many adults that enjoy collecting and hoarding them, keeping them as collector’s items. Through the years the basic black and white 8-ball has remained unchanged for the most part, but there have been several variations introduced by Mattel (the manufacturing company) that have seen varying degrees of success.

Some of the variations have included 8-balls that give nothing but sarcastic answers, with the opposite sort that flatters you every time it’s used. There have been dating 8-balls and themed 8-balls that have been based off of popular television shows and movies. However, one of the most unique 8-ball variants is the “Magic Cheezburger” 8-ball.

Many people who are familiar with the internet have no doubt run across slang or references to the “I Can Has Cheezburger” website. This website has various pictures and jokes that feature animals with funny “lolspeak” captions. While the website itself has brought about the usage of “lolspeak” by the masses, it was thrust into the hands of people that didn’t even use the internet with the “Magic Cheezburger” 8-ball.

The “Magic Cheezburger” itself is shaped like a cheeseburger. However, the twenty sided die in it is covered in answers that use “lolspeak”. Instead of the traditional “reply hazy try again later”, for example, you will get a simple “WTF?” from the “Magic Cheezburger”. All of this combined to make it the most inventive and media combining form of 8-ball ever conceived.