About 8-Ball

Magic 8-Ball Mechanism
The well-known “Magic 8 Ball” is novelty toy that became very popular in the whole world as a seeking or fortune-teller device. In fact it’s just a Icosahedron places in a tube filled with blue fluid, that has twenty different answers printed on each face. After shaking it randomly turns one face that is being coloured with a blue ink.

It is known that there are ten positive answers, five vague answers and 5 negative answers. Researchers say that there are about 72 answers needed to use all twenty faces of the icosahedron.

Here we present all standard answers an 8-Ball contains:

● As I see it, yes
● It is certain
● It is decidedly so
● Most likely
● Outlook good
● Signs point to yes
● Without a doubt
● Yes
● Yes – definitely
● You may rely on it

● Reply hazy, try again
● Ask again later
● Better not tell you now
● Cannot predict now
● Concentrate and ask again

● Don’t count on it
● My reply is no
● My sources say no
● Outlook not so good
● Very doubtful