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When it comes to making telling fortunes many kids and adults alike have wild and crazy imaginations. If you’ve ever went to a toy store you may notice what is called a Magic 8 Ball. The Magic 8 Ball has a lot of mysticism that is centred around it. Let’s talk about the origin of the Magic 8 Ball and how is has evolved over the years.

Back in 1946 a man named Albert Carter invented what is called the Magic 8 Ball today. Albert was the son of a fortuneteller and marketed the device with a company called Alume Bay crafts with the help of a person named Abe Bookman. The ball was a little plastic sphere that resembles the eight ball of a pool table that is hollow with a certain floating blue dye inside of it.

In order to use the ball you’re supposed to ask a yes or no question while it is initially facing upside down. After you ask your question you would turn the ball over and the dye will float to the top with your corresponding answer. Most people believe that the ball must be shaken if you ask a question. However, this has proved to be unnecessarily true.

Today instead of going out to the store to purchase one of these toys you can actually go online to utilise the 8 ball’s power. There are many websites out there that will allow you to ask the eight ball a yes or no question for submission and the eight ball will respond back to it. The biggest question is do you believe or not believe in the eight balls power?

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