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There’s no complex trick to earning CASH by magic online!

So you’ve learned and you’ve studied and you’ve mastered all the card tricks known to man. Great! You’re super-charged and READY for ACTION! …And now you’re looking at your pack of cards. Maybe you look out the window for a while…or at the mirror…

OK, believe us when we say that this is what us magicians do, for the most part. We apply every last shred of intellect and innovation into BECOMING a magician, it’s like when it comes to actually telling someone about it, well, think of an audience gazing at you, wondering how you did your last trick.

What we’ve come to realise here at is that a great deal of talented magicians out there just can’t SELL themselves. It’s pretty tragic, really. So how can we make it clearer? – Magic makes MONEY, there’s no doubt about that. But try telling that to a roomful of struggling magicians without being laughed right out the door!

If there’s ANYTHING we’ve learned during our extensive research into this site, it’s that no matter whether you’re a career magician, a part-timer having fun with magic on the weekends, or even just someone with some cool tricks to sell, the only way you can be sure of doing that with any degree of success is to get your face known around town. And what’s the BEST way to do that?

You guessed it – By getting your Magic Online!

There’s no two ways about it. These days the Internet’s the BUSINESS when it comes to selling yourself. People buy their groceries online. They’ll buy anything. They’ll wait for their laptops to warm up to get their newspaper online rather than pop across the street. And they’ll auction the shirts off their back on ebay simply to make a fast buck. So if your question remains ‘will they buy magic online?’, what can we say other than:

You can bet your *** they will!

It’s like, card tricks and magic are one of the greatest forms of escape on this earth. Folks get themselves online looking for a means of escape. You know, like escape from work or a lack of information and so on. And magic? Well, magic provides light in otherwise dull lives. It re-ignites the wonder and the passion we sadly lost after childhood, and so the way you should be looking at this is that if people will flash the cash online for paperclips, you’re damn right they’ll do the same for MAGIC online!

Our advice to you therefore, is that you might want to try thinking outside the box. What use is a master of card tricks without an audience to dazzle? And having thought about this for quite some time now, we’re sure that yeah, it’s OK to sell your services and products in the Yellow Pages or by word of mouth and so on, but if you’re looking to save time and expense as well as make some really decent profit out of it, your first port of call should really be your own website.

But why are we so sure about that? Well, it’s because we think that if you did it right, if you built a SUPER-MAGIC online website advertising yourself to the world, in a heartbeat you could achieve far more than you could possibly imagine than by any other means. For a start, a whole load more people would automatically know that you’re out there selling, and when we’re talking about making money out of talent, it’s as simple as that to make your first step count!

But if you’re thinking now ‘OK, that’s all well and good but I haven’t got the first clue about magic online or computers or the Internet or HTML or Search Engine Submission or Direct Marketing Technique and so on and so forth’, all we can say in response is that hey, neither do we!

But we built our site ourselves…

To be honest, when it comes down to it we’re not that interested in all that kind of stuff, because we’d rather concentrate on having fun with magic. So we tracked down and totally abused this magic online tool, Site Build It! (, to get ourselves up and running in just a couple of weeks. That’s right – only a few weeks to scrape ALL of together! It really helped us get going hassle-free and dealt with absolutely everything techy we simply didn’t care about. So if you’re thinking about doing the same we’d recommend that you look at this first, since it’s got all you need under the same roof and at a fraction of the cost if you went elsewhere.

Feel free to compare it though. At the end of the day, what we’re saying is that a MAGIC online website will get you noticed. It’ll stamp your mark on the world stage if nothing else but only if you do it right. Go on. Have a look for yourself. There are bucketsful of magicians out there who’ve each set up their own website without really thinking about how to do it properly, and as a result, not surprisingly they’re nowhere to be seen in Search Engine Results for magic online (which pretty much means that they’d have been as well not doing it at all!).

So why waste your talent by disappearing like magic online?

How many times do we have to say it to get the message across? Effectively selling your magic online WILL increase your chances of success in the magic world. Effectively selling your magic online WILL help you profit from following your dream.

So please just think about it. Look around you. Our eyes were opened only recently to the fantastic opportunities the Net can lay before you, and it’s working wonders already for us. It was this guy Yanik Silver ( who came out of nowhere and introduced to us the concept that if you’re really into something in a BIG way, like card tricks and magic in our case, you can make a huge pile of cash from it quite easily. And the way Yanik does it, he builds a website for next to nothing as we did, and like us spends pretty much nothing advertising himself but still finds himself heaving bags of cash to the Bank every month.

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