Know the Future with the Magic 8 Ball

Almost everyone has heard of the Magic 8 Ball. The novelty item is often a large, oversized billiards ball that has a flat side underneath with a clear plastic window. Inside the Magic 8 Ball is a floating die that has answers to your questions in confirmations of positive or negative results, as well as an answer which asks the user of the Magic 8 Ball to try again later. The floating die is white and is floated in a dark blue liquid which makes it difficult to see any answer other than the one that is on the top face of the die in the liquid when it rests against the clear window.

The Magic 8 Ball is a well known divination device amongst school aged children because it was able to tell the “future” or confirm questions that the users were interested in. The truth is that the die inside is generally very random when divining the answers for the askers. It is more of a probability calculator with several options that will most likely roll up when shaken and asked for an answer. It is gaining popularity with not only school aged children, but teenagers and adults as well. It is a great piece of nostalgia and a perfect gift for those who are unsure about what they should do as the Magic 8 Ball can help them to make decisions for fun with the many different options that it cold display in confirmation.

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