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The magic 8 ball has been around for plenty of years and has been a favourite novelty toy for many different generations. The magic 8 ball is still a popular novelty toy to purchase today however you may find them difficult to locate in the store unless you go to a joke shop or specialist novelty store. You can however purchase the Magic 8 Ball from online stores too.

The simplicity to making this type of novelty toy was indeed a work of genius. The devise was invented in 1946 by Abe Bookman and then sold as a pattern to a craft company. The magic 8 ball is basically a simple plastic sphere that is filled with a jelly type substance and inside is a large multi sided dice with different options of answers on it.

By asking the magic 8 ball a different question which is a simple yes or no question you then shake the ball lightly and wait for the dice to spin and give you an answer.

There are all kinds of answers that the magic 8 ball can give you from a certain yes to a definite no and everything in between. As long as you have a little faith in this novelty toy then the answers given to you may easily sway your choices in life. It is prudent to understand that the magic 8 ball is only a toy and by no means a way of deciding your fate or future

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