Magic 8 Ball Readings

There have been many different reasons for people to try to look into the future, financial, love or health and there are also many ways in which a person can proceed to doing this such as though palm reading, tarot card readings and the occasional crystal ball.

The Magic 8 ball has been around for since the early post WW2 days when in 1946 a man named Abe Brookman came up with the idea. The Magic 8 Ball was not something that was meant to be an accurate fortune teller however some people did try to use them that way.

The toy has been manufactured by the toy company Mattel who have made many other toys and novelties for decades. The Magic 8 Ball is a plastic ball resembling the the 8 ball from the game of pool.

The ball is round and within it the ball liquid makes the inner part rotate when you shake it therefore giving you different outcomes in the way of predictions. The predictions are placed onto the many sides of the inner part of the Magic 8 Ball with simple yet precise conclusions. Answers such as YES, NO, Ask Again, Most Likely and Very Doubtful appear on these sides.

The inner part is referred to as a dice which has 20 different sides therefore giving 20 different possible outcomes.

The object of the ball was to ask it a question and then shake the Magic 8 Ball and wait for the answer to come up. The question should be stated so that a direct yes or no answer could be given. There where some people in the world who let this toy rule certain parts of their lives however in the end it really is nothing more than a toy for children and adults.

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